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BIM Compliance Checker

This page provides a free service for automatic code compilance checking of building regulations in Dubai based on BIM method and the under development Dubai BIM standard for building permits. The user can upload one or more BIM models in the Open BIM format IFC, which should be bundled in one zip file. Upon uploading the BIM models the automatic code compilance checking service will check the models against a set of rules and shows the violations and errors inside an online viewer. The result can be also exported as BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) report in order to fix the problems easily inside the BIM modelling software. Dubai BIM Road map, Dubai BIM standards and Dubai BIM e-Submission Platform guidlines can be downloaded as well.

Drag & drop zip file (ZIP) here, including IFC files

Follow to BIM Standards for file naming ex. PN123456_BI123456_PA1234567_AR_001.ifc PN-Project Number, BI-Building ID, PA-Parcel ID, AR-Model Discipline.

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